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2020-03-31 18:12

Feb 16, 2014 Re: Which browsers support IPv6 linklocal addresses. Then you just need to get the browser using that proxy whenever a link local address is entered. It would be a very simple proxy selection script to instruct the browser to use that proxy only if the hostname starts with fe80: : Firefox can be instructed to load the proxy selection script from a local file.Firefox; How to type ipv6address and port Support Forum. Search. This thread was archived. Please ask a new question if you need help. How to type ipv6address and port number in URL bar? 2 replies So the problem might be that it's a linklocal IPv6 address, and firefox doesn't know with which interface to resolve it. firefox ipv6 link local address

Oct 07, 2008 Q. Now, I know how to configure IPv6 tunnel but how do I browse website using IPv6 IP address like 2001: 4860: 0: 2001: : 68 under Firefox or Opera web browser? A. For command line or for browser IPv6 addresses need to be specified by enclosing addresses in square brackets like

Firefox has actually had ipv6 linklocal support intentionally removed. Bug reports are closed as WONTFIX. See Chromium bug, and Firefox bug. Furthermore, WHATWG also rejected implementation of RFC 6874. Whenever such a gadget looses its configured IP address (or you forget it, or the default is not in your local IPv4 network AND unknown), there is a simple measure to reconfigure it: run a ping for all local IPv6 nodes, and then open a browser and configure it using the so acquired IPv6 local link addressfirefox ipv6 link local address Jan 26, 2007 In IPv6 the linklocal address is just another interface address for the host, difference from global address being that its scope is restricted to the local network. Please reply again if I am mistaken about the information in the link you sent.

It tries to connect, it has an IPv6capable DNS, no reply, because I do not have an IPv6 connection on this vps. Ubuntu, which is used in the OP, like surely all Debian's but at this point I suspect all Linuxes, is perfectly capable of selfconfiguring IPv6, if a nonlinklocaladdress is found. firefox ipv6 link local address

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