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How can the answer be improved?Jan 28, 2014 A police captain in Gary Indiana is substantiating claims made my a family that they have inadvertently moved into a 'portal to hell. ' This is one of the creepiest stories I've ever read. indiana demon house address

Feb 02, 2016 Indiana 'exorcism house' of Latoya Ammons is demolished. The Gary home that Latoya Ammons claimed had been haunted by demons was bulldozed as part of Zak Bagans' documentary.

Hell House In Gary, Indiana, Destroyed After Demonic Activity Reported. BuzzWorthy. Coburn Palmer. The hell house in Gary, Indiana, that many suspected to be at the center of demonic activity has been torn down. Zak Bagans, the demons and ghosts, if there were any, must have been destroyed along with the house. Mar 29, 2018 THE DEMON HOUSE DOCUMENTARY In 2014 Zak Bagans and his Ghost Adventures Crew got a call from a family in Gary, Indiana. If you're not familiar with Zak and his group, they have a very popular show where they travel around the world to the most haunted places on the planet.indiana demon house address Mar 12, 2018  Zak Bagans Demon House movie set in Indiana home warns, View at your own risk Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans bought the home after IndyStar reported a womans claims of

Mar 29, 2015 The Gary Indiana Demon House. The World's Most Haunted House. Now when you think of Gary, Indiana, the world's most haunted house isn't what comes to mind. a house that's supposedly haunted with more than 200 demons probably isn't even in the top 100 things if you're familiar with Gary. indiana demon house address Feb 29, 2016 The home that was believed to be a site of demonic activity was demolished last month. The story, as reported in the National Catholic Register, centered on an Indiana family attacked by demons Nov 22, 2016  Haunting of Monroe House: Occult Rituals and Human Remains Hidden Inside Indianas Demon House By Dana Matthews on @WeirdDana In most parts of the country, you could throw a stone in any direction and hit a haunted house, but few of them have ever had histories horrifying enough to earn them the nickname Demon House. A family and their home was claimed to have been infiltrated by demons or even the Devil himself, and the Demon House of Indiana has gone on to become one of the most terrifying accounts on record. 3860 Carolina Street, Gary, Indiana or as it has been more frequently called, The Demon House is one paranormal event that really has shook the world. From police captains to paranormal rockstars the house has terrified all that have dared to enter. But what series of events could scare the most sceptical and most fearless of [

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