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2020-04-04 17:13

Stubben Roxane Dressage Saddles is an inspiring design to meet every expertise at all exceptional riding events. You may also like the Stubben Genesis D. Stubben RoxaneStbben Roxane Dressage with Embossed Cowhide features a gusset panel, medium sized knee rolls and long billets. Optional additions (please email to add any additions to your saddle): Flap straps stubben roxane dressuur

The Euphoria features panels that are cut back for additional shoulder clearance allowing optimal movement and length of stride. An extra wide channel provides excellent clearance for the horse's spine. The special V billets ensure ideal distribution of pressure when the saddle is girthed. It has a softer seat with a slightly longer seat area, extra narrow twist, and a uniquely designed pommel

The Scandia Nova DL, is a custom made saddle by Stubben, for English Dressage Riders. Will include the bucking strap and the stirrup leathers. this saddle has the custom diamond stitching or quilting on the padding and is a great looking saddle, but better then looking is the feel of the seat, deep with a narrow twist and is in overall very nice condition. The S Roxane is a deep jump seat, square cantle saddle that features matching panels and large blocks in both the front and rear. It offers great security while using softer leather on the layered fronts to provide for a very comfortable ride.stubben roxane dressuur Stubben Roxane 17. 5 Seat, 31cm Tree. This saddle is in excellent used condition oiled and cleaned regularly, stored inside! No trials sold as is.

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