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Sep 23, 2005  I'm trying to redirect to a page based on the client's ip address. I have a range, and I guess I would create a redirect in Sub PageLoad, how do I call up the client's ip addressASP redirect based on IP address Posted By: Posted Date: October 14, 2010 Points: 0 Category: ASP. Net I would like to setup a redirect where if a visitor with a certain IP address ends up landing on a specific page, I'd like to redirect them to another page. asp redirect based on ip address

I am trying to redirect the user to sub domain based on his IP address location. I have a page load observer which runs a function on each request and it gets the user Location and when I try to re

Within my web sites navigation I require users to be redirected to a specific url based on their entry IP address. Is this possible through IIS or perhaps client side scripting? Example: Users in the 10 subnet go to one URL and all other users on different IP range(s) go to another URL. Thanks. Feb 02, 2010  I need to redirect some users based on their ip address to specific page else they would be redirected to another page my code is as below. . please advice why itsasp redirect based on ip address About DevCentral. We are a community of 300, 000 technical peers who solve problems together Learn More

Oct 20, 2010 ASP redirect based on IP address RSS. For example, visitors with IP address of. 1 or, 1 land on index1. htm, instantly redirect those those visitors to index2. htm. Is there any way to do this with ASP, Javascript or change a setting in IIS Manager? Just a note, I'm not a developer or web guru so the easiest solution would be very heflpful: ) Thanks. asp redirect based on ip address IIS redirect based on domain ip address. It allows you to set up rules to changeblock requests based on various things including the host name. The documentation for the module is okay and there are lots of questions about it on here as well. The bank holiday problem is a bit more tricky as the builtin URL rewrite rules can not handle such a requirement. Jan 20, 2014 How can I redirect a specific page in IIS7 to another page for users with a specific IP range? Example: if ip10. 20. xxx. xxx index. htm redirects to new directoryindex. html, other users get original page. Thanks in advance for the help.

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