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1. March Costume: Scout Costume. 2. March Dragon Egg Update: Golden Cygnus WTD Cold Ice Heart Ninetail Medallion Mount (Mount 2. 0) [UPDATED [1 Updates 11. World Remaster. World Remaster is a new standard that applies to all Dragon Nest dungeons. ItThis page was last edited on 9 March 2014, at 13: 40. Content is available under CC BYNCSA 3. 0 unless otherwise noted. Dragon Nest content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of golden weapon costume dragon nest

New Golden Apple and Resurrection Apple New seeds can be bought from [Farm Manager Mori like the old seeds. New Golden Apple and Resurrection Apple seeds cannot be stored in Server Storage. You need Stage Points and Nest Points to buy the items. Price of Golden Apple and Resurrection Apple sold at the store has increased.

Nov 18, 2014 Dragon Nest Korea Update: Lustre& Impactor Skill Preview (Launcher Machina 2nd Job KDN) Duration: 4: 44. Fringe Show 46, 565 views Apr 21, 2013  Dragon Nest New costumes are coming to Dragon Nest CN soon. And these costumes are the same with Dragon Nest JP's November 14th, 2012's magic costumes. Check them out! . While Dragon Nest adds a persistentworld experience, it retains the unique characteristics of the original game, including strong narrative, extensive instanced gameplay, antigrind design philosophy,golden weapon costume dragon nest FANTASY DRAGON NEST PRIVATE SERVER TRANSFORMATION COSTUME& WEAPON 1 Transformation Costume 50 IDR 350. 000pcs 15 VIP Tiket IDR 50. 000 Scale FDN 500 IDR 100. 000 Burmese Rosewood 100 IDR 50. 000 Golden Coin Premium 200 IDR 65. 000 Golden Apple 1000 IDR 120. 000 Gold Coin Bag 50 IDR 30. 000 High Garnet 1000 IDR 10. 000

Lv. 90 nest additional entry ticket Lv. 95 nest additional entry ticket Lv. 95 nest additional entry ticket Variant Dragon Gem Fragment 3ea Golden Goose Badge x 100 Fortune CoinNest point (100) 1ea. 3 rd Tier: 1, 000, 000 points Hero Level EXP Potion (7 Days) Dreamy Item Protection Magic Jelly 60ea golden weapon costume dragon nest Jun 23, 2015 Dragon Nest Forum Shanda Europe Old Dragon Nest Europe General Upcoming Content Gold Weapons v2 Since it is a weapon for a special costume set, our stats aren't as bad as current lightdark weapon ones. Vindicate. , 12: 54 AM cuz I have a question: do Golden Weapons' stats change from server to server? Can you post their A box that contains hats from previous caps, mostly from Goddess Teardrop Store. Do note that the hats cannot be used as Costume Synthesis Device materials nor be Magical Design Synthesis. Neither can it be server storaged. view all Rock the costumes for 26, 900 NX (no weapons included). The Pop Star Costumes are pretty alright! There's an event going on that gets your Hybridization tablets, so if you like the costume and you want some, it's a great deal! The Warrior, Sorc, Tink, Sin, and ArcherLencea really rock these costumes, while Cleric could have tried a lot better. Nov 28, 2016 Not sure but I think the horns turn random colors depending on your hair color. Hammer refused to glow. This is only half of Aisha accessories others are not

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