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Bugsy Malone: Ty Mainini Ill ORDER IT Blousey: Ella McGillivray ILL PROVIDE BROWN. OR BLACK SHOES, ILL PROVIDE THE REST Roxy Robinson: Luke Driscoll Knuckles: Joe Bennett Ritzy: Axel Foss Microsoft Word Bugsy Malone Costume List 2018. docxJodie Foster as Tallulah, Fat Sam's gun moll, the speakeasy's star chanteuse and Bugsy's old flame. ; Scott Baio as Bugsy Malone, an ItalianIrish exboxerboxing scout. ; Florrie Dugger as Blousey Brown, a sassy young dame interested in Hollywood. John Cassisi as Fat Sam Staccetto, crime boss. He is dubbed by the press as The Alleged Mobster King of the Lower East Side . bugsy malone blousey brown costume

Bugsy Malone: Will Menhennet: Blousey Brown: Isolde KieniJudd: Fizzy: Joe Appleton: Tallulah: Maddie Palmer: Dandy Dan: Callan Barclay: Fat Sam: Jai Hillas: Lena Ensemble: Phoebe McCallum: COSTUME DESIGNER: Alex Pennell. Got a question about Bugsy Malone? Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Your Question. 12, 316 total views, 1

Explore Sonja Richardson's board Bugsy Malone , followed by 104 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Bugsy malone, 1920s style, 1920s costume. Blousey is at first the typical young, wideeyed, wouldbe star, just off the bus from a small town. However, we find out that Blousey is a force to be reckoned with and certainly nobody's fool. This is a large role that requires good singing and acting, but the key to casting Blousey is finding a young actor who is at home with comedy.bugsy malone blousey brown costume Costume and prop hire for the Bugsy Malone stage show. We have guns, splurge, and costume sets, including suits for hoods and dresses for flappers and showgirls in diffferent age ranges

We have a Bugsy Malone costumes includsing pinstriped suits, with waistcoats and trilbys for all the male characters: Bugsy, Ritzy, Laughing Boy, Snake Eyes, Shoulders, Fat Sam and Dandy Dan. Our chinese laundry workers can wear either coolie hats or bun tops. bugsy malone blousey brown costume this is a classic boy's gangster bugsy malone fancy dress outfit. production of the classic bugsy malone etc. it is a two piece outfit, consisting of a stripped jacket with wide lapels. a really b PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS BUGSY Trousers (pin stripes would be nice) hat, with band matching waistcoat Waistcoast FANCY x 2 different SOM Captins green blazer? pocketwatch BLOUSEY It is very important for Blousey to look dowdy and less glamsophisticated than Bugsy Malone Either straight or aline plain skirt, below the knee Find great deals on eBay for bugsy malone costume. Shop with confidence. Explore Karen Nageh's board bugsy Malone costumes on Pinterest. See more ideas about Bugsy malone, Flapper dresses and Costume.

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