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2020-02-26 18:14

Apr 18, 2018 So far, the flight times we need out of Culebra to San Juan will not work with our return flight. . Getting there would work but returning not so much. So we thought of at least flying in to Culebra from San Juan but then taking the ferry on return.Culebra Ferry: we buy the tickets for you! Select the date, time and number of tickets and we will buy the tickets. We will email you the code within 56 business days! This page is for service from Ceiba to Culebra, one way! ferry para culebra address

Isla de Culebra (Culebra Island) one of the offshore islands of Puerto Rico is yours to enjoy in a short ferry ride from Fajardo. Please be sure to read our travel tips below, the ferry is an affordable way of getting to Culebra and Vieques but it takes planning, time and

Ferry Schedule to and from Culebra, Puerto Rico. Ferry schedule from Ceiba, Puerto Rico to Culebra! May 17, 2019  Fajardo Ferry: Address, Phone Number, Fajardo Ferry Reviews: 35. Caribbean; Puerto Rico; If you are reading this and thinking you might take the chance to experience Culebra via the ferry please stop. Do not even think about this as a viable option to reach the islands off Puerto Rico. The Fajardo ferry isnt running! ! I was ableferry para culebra address Most car rental companies in Puerto Rico do not allow their vehicles to be taken on the ferry. It is recommended to park your rental car in Fajardo and rent another in Culebra. Passengers may ride the cargo ferry for 2. 25 each way. If you happen to miss the ferry at Fajardo, an alternative is

Check the the ferry ticket page for the current schedule. This article is aimed primarily at residents of Puerto Rico who need to use the cargo ferry to move vehicles and other cargo between the islands of Puerto Rico, Culebra, and Vieques. The information contained here will be most helpful to ferry para culebra address

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